Bitcoin, Lite coin, or even Mars coin for the other planet; all are currencies only for payments in virtual cash. But have you ever imagined crypto that can work variably? Helium coin or HNT is the new crypto variant that came out with the exact motive. If you haven’t come across these coins yet, check out what other features they have!

What is HNT?

Helium coins came into the crypto market in 2018 as any other virtual coin working on blockchains and high language programming. But, unlike any other digital ledger, its blockchain is based on networking and connectivity.

Confused right?

In simple words, Helium blockchain is a network provider like any ISP that can connect various devices to a dedicated internet system generated from a hotspot. As the data flows through its network and new data blocks add every time, it rewards the coins to the hotspot owner.

Why are blockchains considering internet services?


You might wonder if the ultimate aim of the blockchain is to mint coins without programming, why choose to develop a system with internet and connectivity? The main reason has got two explanations for it.

· The new world is adapting and shifting to digital resources

IoT has become a new revolution in every business and industry as owners and designers are rushing to replace their manual mechanisms with smart and digital ones. Fixed with sensors and automatically notifying systems, the IoT gadgets like alarms, data recorders, or scanners are now wanted and practically used everywhere. The advancing world now needs digital devices for every job, thus the new blockchain came up with an advanced version having internet feasibility.

· Constant and secure internet connections are required for all

Constant internet connectivity is essential for all the gadgets that are now designed to work with IoT. Say, how would a digitized dog collar work if the owner walks the dog out of the ISP network’s range. On the other hand, Helium provides long-range connectivity where you don’t have to struggle with the loss.

If you are in the same premises or the hotspot’s range, you don’t have to switch networks every time or connect with the unknown ones betting your safety. Such a network working on blockchains is one of the transparent connections where frauds and hacking are also not possible, thus securing your device and activities with the best. Surprisingly, every time you add a new block to the ledger, you will earn a helium coin that you can spend, trade or exchange as required.

Why is it a great asset to consider at the latest?

Since it provides internet connectivity and an easy coin earning channel, every business should practically consider investing in it. It can help with:

· Rapid advancement

As you install a helium-based blockchain network, you will also have to install suitable IoT devices to sustain and reap its benefits. The initial upfront might be demanding, but the new gadgets and automated systems will only upgrade your business.

·  You don’t need programming anymore

You generally need to install heavy hardware and recruit programmers to crack tough codes for mining cryptocurrency. But as Helium rewards coins for network usage, you can cut off this expense and efforts to a mere level.